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Analysis of ribbon dyeing process

Release time:2020-05-29 Source:Guangzhou hongyi weaving and ribbon clothing co. LTD
WebbingWhat are the dyeing processes?WebbingIt can be used not only as a kind of clothing accessories, but also as a kind of textile.WebbingThere are two main methods for coloring of. One is the most widely used dyeing (conventional dyeing)It is mainly to put the ribbon in the solution of chemical dyes. Another method is to use paint, which can be made into tiny insoluble colored particles to adhere to the fabric (the dyeing of the original fiber solution is not listed here).

The ribbon is colorful and bright in color. It's an ideal partner for many clothes and bags. But if you want to weave such a gorgeous ribbon, dyeing needs high technology. Next, let's talk about how to dye the ribbon.

WebbingDyeing process and process    

Dyeing process determined by material:
1. Characteristics of polyester fiber (densification) - hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing - selected dye - disperse dye - temperature - (hot melt dyeing) about 190 ℃ (high temperature and high pressure dyeing) about 130 ℃. 2. Characteristics of nylon fiber (protein product) nylon fiber (reactive functional group) - steaming process - selected dye - (weak) acid dye - temperature - about 100 ℃. 3. Cotton products (cellulose fiber)
Basic technology and process of dyeing workshop
1. Polyester fiber into the belt - washing before - drying before - coloring tank - pre baking (infrared) - high temperature baking - washing after (reduction cleaning) - drying after - belt dropping. Function of infrared pre drying: dye molecules are initially attached to the fiber to prevent problems such as color and flower. The function of high temperature baking: to make dye molecules fully enter into the fiber and complete the process of dye dyeing. Function of reductive cleaning: decompose the superfluous dye molecules to ensure the color fastness of the product.
2. The function of nylon fiber entering into the belt, coloring tank, steaming with hot steam, washing after washing, drying after steaming: to make the acid dye molecules fully react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber and complete the process of dyeing the acid dye on the fiber.

  The function of washing: remove the dye molecules without complete reaction, and ensure the color fastness of ribbon, ribbon and other products.


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