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Do you know jacquard ribbon?

Release time:2020-05-29 Source:Guangzhou hongyi weaving and ribbon clothing co. LTD

Product Description: Jacquard webbing is a kind of webbing with complicated pattern structure and appearance with pattern or text. The technical performance is the ribbon type that the brown frame machine can't make.
The design of jacquard ribbon is meticulous and will never deform and fall off. The product is made of imported nylon yarn, environmental protection dye, and the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing process. It can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, with excellent handle, bright color and luster, without wearing the fabric. It is mainly used as shoulder belt, belt, hanging belt, domestic and foreign brand sports backpack, etc. of high-end bags, It can not only enhance the brand image, but also increase the added value of products

Application scope

Jacquard webbing can be used for high and middle grade clothing materials or decoration industry materials (such as curtains, sand release materials). The manufacturing process of jacquard belt is complex. Warp and weft interweave with each other to form different patterns, which are concave and convex, and more beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals are weaved.

Product features

Jacquard ribbon is soft, delicate and smooth, with good glossiness, drape and air permeability, and high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of weft jacquard belt is large and exquisite, with distinct color layers and strong three-dimensional sense, while the pattern of warp jacquard belt is relatively simple and single. Jacquard belt is divided into warp jacquard belt and weft jacquard belt.

Jacquard ribbon

The weft jacquard belt is woven from the yarn in the transverse direction of the jacquard belt. The warp jacquard belt is woven in the direction of vertical thread on the warp jacquard loom. Jacquard with rich colors, not monotonous, three-dimensional pattern strong, higher grade. The width of jacquard belt is not limited, but also can be customized.

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