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What's the difference between ribbon and ribbon

Release time:2020-05-29 Source:Guangzhou hongyi weaving and ribbon clothing co. LTD
       A ribbon is literally a woven belt. In fact, ribbon is a kind of ribbon product which is made of various kinds of yarn and woven by a ribbon loom. That is to say, all ribbons woven by weaving machine or hand can be called webbing.
Ribbon is a kind of fabric. In fact, it's what we call ribbon by the manufacturer. It's just because we often said silk in ancient times, and silk is relatively smooth. So the definition of ribbon is a ribbon product as smooth as silk. But in production, the production process is different from other fabrics.
Ribbon is a kind of exquisite belt made by hand. In modern society, most of the ribbons are woven by machine, but they also belong to ribbon.


       In modern times, people also give different meanings to different colors of ribbons, such as yellow ribbons symbolizing safe return, green ribbons symbolizing healthy love, red ribbons symbolizing the beginning of love, etc.
Almost every color ribbon represents a different meaning, sometimes a color also represents this different meaning.
Generally speaking, there is no difference in ribbon, ribbon and ribbon, but people call them different.
In factory production, ribbon and ribbon belong to ribbon, and ribbon and ribbon also represent ribbon. In our life, ribbon is more common, and there are less ribbon. Apart from the common soft ribbon in our life, ribbon has more different meanings, such as various colors of ribbon.
Ribbon is commonly used in clothing packaging, luggage, holiday decoration, gift packaging, pet supplies, crafts, automobile industry, etc.

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