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Qingdao Shuangxing: From "making shoes to people" to "making shoes" to airplanes

Release time:2020-06-20 Source:Guangzhou hongyi weaving and ribbon clothing co. LTD
August 02, as an old listed company, Qingdao Shuangxing (000599) was exclusively established by the controlling shareholder Shuangxing Group in December 1995. It began to convert the net assets of the three subsidiaries of the group into 68 million national shares. After 1996 It was publicly issued in April 2014 and had a total of 100 million shares at the time of listing.
   "Double Star" can be described as a brand that bears the historical memory of several generations. Shuangxing Group is a national enterprise with a history of 98 years and has an extraordinary development history. This Qingdao company, once famous for making shoes, created the world's first Chinese brand in the footwear industry. The slogan "Put on double-star shoes and walk the world chicly" impressed many people. In 2018, Shuangxing Group was also included in the list of "Double Hundred Enterprises" in the reform of state-owned enterprises.



  Qingdao Shuangxing has made self-innovation with the blade inward, from "making shoes" to people in the past, to "making shoes" to cars today, and to "making shoes" to airplanes, to complete the butterfly change from "intelligent change" to "qualitative change". .

In 2002, Qingdao Shuangxing acquired Huaqing Tire, realizing the transformation from the shoe industry to the tire industry; in 2005, the company acquired Dongfeng Tire and continued to explore in the tire industry; in 2008, after the restructuring of the shoe and apparel industry, the company fully switched To the tire and machinery industry; with the advent of the "Internet industry" era, Qingdao Shuangxing started its second venture in 2014, accelerating its transition to "intelligent change".

  From the elimination of backward production capacity, to the establishment of the global tire industry's first full-process "Industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant, and last year to complete the holding of South Korea's Kumho Tire, Qingdao Doublestar became the world's top ten and the largest tire company in China. Insiders commented that Qingdao Shuangxing is a "sample of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries", and believes that it has opened up a new path for the high-quality development of the tire industry in China and the world.

  Looking now, the self-renovation of Qingdao Shuangxing, the "prescription" is not complicated-de-capacity and intelligent parallel.

Data shows that in the past 5 years, the company has eliminated more than 9 million oblique tires and ordinary all-steel tires, semi-steel tires and other backward production capacity and products with poor quality, high energy consumption and low reputation, which accounted for the company's total production capacity. 90%.

  At the same time, the company began planning to build a factory that would "think" on its own. This factory must be well aware of the status of each production line, but also must be agile and arrange the production of each order in an orderly manner. The smart factory was successfully put into operation in the summer of 2016.

  Through a series of proactive changes, the most notable labels of Qingdao Doublestar are “smart manufacturing”, “leading” and “internationalization”.

   Judging from the dividend and fund-raising situation, Qingdao Double Star has implemented a total of 9 dividends since its listing, totaling 142 million yuan. A total of 8 fundraisings were conducted, with a total amount of 2.717 billion yuan. Among them, it was launched once, with a fund-raising amount of 157 million yuan; it has implemented 4 additional issuances with a fund-raising amount of 2.259 billion yuan; it has implemented 3 share placements with a fund-raising amount of 301 million yuan.

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